Act of Apr. 5, 1842, P.L. 230, No. 81               Cl. 16
                                  AN ACT

     To authorize the construction of a toll bridge over the river
        Schuylkill, at or near Windsor Haven, in Berks county, and
        for other purposes.

        Section 11.  Neglect of coroner to assume office;  fees on
     coroners' commissions abolished
        If any person who has, or shall be elected to the office of
     coroner, shall neglect or refuse for the space of three months
     next after such election, to assume the duties of said office,
     and to comply with the requisitions of the acts of Assembly in
     such cases provided, the said office shall be treated as vacant,
     and it shall be the duty of the Governor to appoint and
     commission some suitable person to fill such vacancy, who shall
     hold and enjoy said office, and all the emoluments appurtenant
     thereto, until the next general election thereafter, and no fees
     shall hereafter be charged on commissions issued to the coroners
     of the several counties of this Commonwealth.  1842, April 5,
     P.L. 230, Sec. 11.