Act of Mar. 26, 1841, P.L. 106, No. 54              Cl. 68
                           A FURTHER SUPPLEMENT

     To an act entitled "An act for acknowledging and recording of

        Section 1.  Be it enacted by the Senate and House of
     Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in General
     Assembly met, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the
     same, That it shall be the duty of all persons who claim any
     lands or tenements in this Commonwealth, under or by virtue of
     any deeds or conveyances bearing date previously to the act of
     eighteenth March, Anno Domini one thousand seven hundred and
     seventy-five, to which this is a supplement, to have the same
     recorded in the proper county, in the manner now provided by
     law, within two years from the date hereof.
        Section 2.  No such deed which shall remain unrecorded as
     aforesaid, for the said term of two years, shall be permitted to
     be given in evidence in any of the courts of this Commonwealth,
     unless proven or acknowledged according to the act to which this
     is a supplement, or unless proven in the manner in which other
     instruments of writing are proven, by subscribing witnesses or
     proof of hand writing, or unless the actual possession of the
     land has accompanied the said deed.
        Section 3.  All such deeds remaining unrecorded for the said
     term of two years as aforesaid, shall be adjudged fraudulent and
     void against any subsequent bonafide purchase or mortgagee, for
     valuable consideration, without notice.