Act of Feb. 19, 1835, P.L. 39, No. 31               Cl. 68
                           A FURTHER SUPPLEMENT

     To an act for acknowledging and recording of deeds.

        Section 1.  Acknowledgments or probates without certification
     under seal
        All acknowledgments or probates of deeds or other instruments
     of writing, heretofore taken or made, or which shall hereafter
     be taken or made, shall be construed to have the same effect to
     all intents and purposes, although the same may have been
     certified by the officers before whom such acknowledgments or
     probates have been made under their hands only, as if the same
     had been certified under their hands and seals, and the omission
     in any certificates heretofore made, or hereafter made, or
     hereafter to be made, by any officer authorized to take such
     acknowledgments and probates, to certify the same to have been
     taken before him under his seal (the same being duly certified
     under his hand), shall not be held or adjudged to avoid,
     prejudice, or render invalid the acknowledgment or probate of
     any deed or other instrument of writing as aforesaid, nor shall
     the recording heretofore done, or hereafter to be done, of any
     deed or other instrument of writing as aforesaid, be deemed
     invalid or defective by reason of the omission of any such
     officer as aforesaid to certify any acknowledgment or probate as
     aforesaid under his seal, the same being certified under his
     hand in due form.  1835, Feb. 19, P.L. 39, Sec. 1.
        Section 2.  Aldermen of Philadelphia County may take
        From and after the passage of this act, the Aldermen for the
     County of Philadelphia shall have like jurisdiction with the
     Aldermen of the City of Philadelphia, in the acknowledgment of
     deeds and other instruments of writing.  1835, Feb. 19, P.L. 39,
     Sec. 2.