Act of Mar. 30, 1833, P.L. 107, No. 63              Cl. 39
                                  AN ACT

     To authorize the Prothonotaries of the several Courts of Common
        Pleas of this commonwealth to take security, and discharge
        insolvent debtors from arrest, and for other purposes.

        Section 1.  Prothonotary may discharge insolvent debtors from
        The prothonotaries of the several courts of common pleas of
     this Commonwealth shall be authorized and required to take
     security and discharge insolvent debtors from arrest, on
     application to them, made in as full and ample a manner as any
     president or associate judge of the said courts may now do by
     virtue of the provisions of the act of Assembly, passed March
     28, 1820; (Act of 1820, March 28, P.L. 155, 7 sm.l. 305.) and
     also to discharge debtors destitute of property for their
     support, as fully and amply as any judge may now do, under the
     provisions of the nineteenth section of the act of march 26,
     1814, entitled "an act for relief of insolvent debtors."  1833,
     March 30, P.L. 107, Sec. 1.