Act of Mar. 16, 1832, P.L. 154, No. 83              Cl. 72
                                  AN ACT

     Requiring the State Treasurer to make an annual report on the
        subject of finance.

        Section 1.  Report on subject of finance
        It shall be the duty of the State Treasurer to digest,
     prepare and lay before the General Assembly, at the commencement
     of every Session, a report on the subject of finance, containing
     estimates of the public revenue and public expenditures and
     plans for the support of public credit, and for improving or
     increasing the revenues, from time to time, for the purpose of
     giving information to the General Assembly in adopting modes of
     raising money requisite to meet the public expenditure. 1832,
     March 16, P.L. 154, sec. 1.
        Section 2.  To make estimates
        It shall be the duty of the State Treasurer to annex to the
     annual estimates of the appropriation required for the public
     service of the year, which may have been made by former acts,
     and also a statement of the sums remaining in the treasury from
     the appropriations of former years, estimating the amount of
     those sums which will not be required to defray expenses
     incurred in a  previous year, and showing the whole amount which
     will be subject to the disposition of the government in the year
     to which the estimates apply.  1832, March 16, P.L. 154, sec. 2.