Act of Apr. 8, 1826, P.L. 253, No. 79               Cl. 74
                           A FURTHER SUPPLEMENT

     To the act entitled "An act to establish a Board of Wardens for
        the port of Philadelphia, and for the regulation of pilots
        and pilotages, and for other purposes therein mentioned."

        Section 2.  Sums remaining unpaid may be sued for
        If, at any time hereafter, any such fines, penalties,
     forfeitures or sums of money shall become due, and shall remain
     unpaid, and shall not be sued for by the said master warden,
     within one year from the time when they shall have been
     incurred, it shall and may be lawful for the society aforesaid
     to cause suit to be instituted for the same, before any tribunal
     having jurisdiction in cases of like amount, which suit shall be
     brought in the name of the master warden, to the use of the said
     society, by action of debt, case, bill, plaint or information.,
     subject to the like appeal, security, bail and costs as is
     provided for by the 36th section of the Act of March 29, 1803,
     to which this is a supplement.  1826, April 8, P.L. 253, Sec. 2.