Act of Feb. 24, 1820, P.L. 40, No. 39               Cl. 74
                               A SUPPLEMENT

     To the act, entitled "An act to establish of a board of wardens
        for the port of Philadelphia and for the regulation of pilots
        and pilotages, and for other purposes therein mentioned."
        Section 1.  Be it enacted by the Senate and House of
     Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in General
     Assembly met, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the
     same, that ships and vessels of all kinds shall, and they are
     hereby declared to be liable and chargeable for debts due by the
     owners, masters or consignees thereof, for or on account of
     inward pilotage; and it shall be lawful for any pilot or pilots
     to whom any such inward pilotage shall be due and owing, to file
     a liable against such ship or vessel, her tackle, furniture and
     apparel, in the district court for the city and county of
     Philadelphia, or in the court of common pleas of the proper
     county in which such ship or vessel may be, whereupon process
     shall issue and such proceeding shall be had for the recovery of
     such debts as are usually had in courts of admiralty for the
     recovery of mariners wages.
        Section 2.  And be it further enacted by the authority
     aforesaid, That the penalties imposed upon masters of ships or
     vessels by the twenty-ninth section of the act to which this is
     a supplement may be recovered in the manner in which debts due
     for inward pilotage are made recoverable by the first section of
     this act.
        Section 3.  Discharge of libelled vessel upon stipulation,
     with sureties
        Whenever any ship or vessel shall  be libelled as aforesaid,
     the master, owner or consignee of such ship or vessel, or his or
     their agent, may appear in the court in which the libel may have
     been filed, and enter into stipulation, with sufficient
     sureties, to answer such demands as shall have been filed
     against such ship or vessel, and thereupon such ship or vessel
     shall be discharged from the arrest: Provided, That no ship or
     vessel shall continue to be chargeable for inward pilotage, or
     for any penalty incurred as aforesaid by the master of any ship
     or vessel, longer than the time which shall intervene between
     the performance of the service of inward pilotage, or the
     neglect or omission incurring the penalty, and the departure of
     such ship or vessel to sea.  1820, Feb. 24, P.L. 40, 5 sm. L.
     252, Sec. 3.