Act of Mar. 24, 1818, P.L. 300, No. 161              Cl. 72
                               A SUPPLEMENT

     To an act, entitled "An act taxing certain offices."
        Section 1.  Account to be kept of fees due predecessor in
        In case of the resignation or removal from office of any
     officer who by law is accountable to the Commonwealth for
     certain surplus fees of office, it shall be the duty of his
     successor or successors in office, who from time to time may
     receive and pay over such fees to his predecessor or
     predecessors in office, to take duplicate receipts for the same,
     and to transmit one of the said receipts to the Auditor General,
     together with a statement of such fees as may otherwise be
     received by such predecessor from time to time, as far as he may
     be enabled to ascertain the same.  And it shall be the duty of
     the Auditor General, from time to time to settle the accounts of
     the late officer to whom such fees shall have been paid, and to
     compel him to account upon oath or affirmation, and to pay over
     such proportion of the arrearages of fees so received by him, as
     would have been paid to the Commonwealth had he remained in
     office, allowing to such late officer, in case of deficiency in
     any year while he shall have held his office, such sum as shall
     make up the whole sum he would have been entitled to have
     retained, free from any tax thereon.  1818, March 24, P.L. 300,
     7 sm.1. 135, Sec. 1.
        Section 2.  And be it further enacted by the authority
     aforesaid, That it shall be the duty of the Secretary of the
     Commonwealth to transmit forthwith to the prothonotary of each
     county a copy of this act.