Act of Mar. 13, 1817, P.L. 113, No. 91              Cl. 68
                                  AN ACT

     To authorise the officers of the Land Office to accept returns
        of surveys and direct patents to issue, where an excess of
        more than ten percent is returned.
        Section 1.  Board of Property authorized to direct warrants
     of acceptance
        From and after the passage of this act, the Board of Property
     be and they are hereby authorized and required to direct
     warrants of acceptance and patents to issue on any surveys
     regularly made or to be made in pursuance of any warrant,
     location, actual settlement or order of survey, although such
     survey may contain a greater surplus than ten per cent. Beyond
     the quantity mentioned in such warrant, location or order:
     provided, that such surplus quantity shall not exceed one
     hundred acres; and that the party procuring such return to be
     made, shall forthwith pay into the State Treasury the price of
     such surplus land, with interest, at the same rate at which the
     said warrant, location or order may have been taken out, except
     in all cases of warrants taken out at fifty shillings per
     hundred acres, in which cases the price of such surplus land
     shall be at the rate of twenty-six dollars and sixty-six cents
     per hundred acres: And provided also, that no acceptance of any
     survey shall in any case prejudice or affect the right or title
     of any other person in or to such surplus land, which may have
     accrued or commenced by warrant or actual settlement prior to
     such acceptance.  1817, March 13, P.L. 113, 6 sm.1. 427, Sec. 1.