Act of Mar. 13, 1817, P.L. 111, No. 89              Cl. 72
                           A FURTHER SUPPLEMENT

     To an act to amend the act, entitled "An act directing the mode
        of selling unseated lands for taxes, and for other purposes."
        Section 1.  Resale for default in payments
        It shall be the duty of the purchaser or purchasers at
     treasurer's sale, as soon as the property is struck down, to pay
     the amount of the purchase money, or such part thereof as shall
     be necessary to pay off the taxes and costs, as also one dollar
     for the use of the prothonotary for entering the acknowledgment
     of the deed; and in case the amount is not forthwith paid, after
     the property is struck down, the sale may be avoided, and the
     property immediately set up again by the treasurer; and it shall
     be discretionary with the Commissioners of the respective
     counties, what lands they will purchase in for the use of the
     county.  1817, March 13, P.L. 111, 6 sm. L. 426, Sec. 1.
        Section 2.  And be it further enacted by the authority
     aforesaid, That so much of the act to which this is a
     supplement, as is hereby altered and supplied, be, and the same
     is hereby repealed.