Act of Mar. 22, 1813, P.L. 160, No. 117              Cl. 68
                                  AN ACT

     Confirming titles issued to and authorizing the sale of certain
        lands lying within the depreciation districts, north and west
        of the Ohio and Allegheny rivers.
        Section 1.  Warrants and patents to be issued to all actual
     settlers, etc.
        The Secretary of the Land Office is hereby authorized and
     required to issue warrants and patents to all actual settlers,
     or their representatives, who have heretofore or shall hereafter
     settle on any of the depreciation land, north and west of the
     rivers Ohio and Allegheny, which were surveyed into tracts and
     remained unsold, or the sales whereof have not been confirmed by
     the supreme executive council, agreeably to an Act of the
     General Assembly of this Commonwealth, passed March 12, 1783,
     and not otherwise reserved and appropriated by law, in the same
     manner and on the same conditions that titles are issued to
     other actual settlers, for lands on the same side of said
     rivers; excepting those parts of said land that have been
     surveyed on warrants, or for which warrants descriptive of the
     land on which they were located have been entered with the
     deputy surveyor of the district previous to such settlement.
     1813, March 22, P.L. 160, 6 Sm. L. 54, Sec. 1.
        Section 2.  Warrants and patents heretofore issued, valid
        All warrants and patents which have been heretofore issued on
     an actual settlement and residence, for any of the aforesaid
     land, shall be as good and sufficient to vest a title in such
     actual settlers, or their legal representatives, as though the
     same had been done under the authority of a law of the State.
     1813, March 22, P.L. 160, 6 Sm. L. 54, Sec. 2.
        Section 3.  Title may be completed, on recording compromise
        In all cases where any warrant (except a warrant of
     acceptance,) may have been issued for any of the aforesaid land,
     and a survey was made thereon, and subsequent and adverse to
     such warrantee's claim, an actual settlement and residence has
     been made upon such tract, and where the actual settler, or his
     representative, and the warrantee or his representative, shall,
     within two years after the passing of this act, make an
     agreement agreeably to the second and subsequent sections of an
     Act passed March 20, 1811, for compromising certain disputed
     cases; and where such agreement shall be recorded accordingly, a
     title shall then be completed according to said act: provided
     always, That nothing in this act contained, shall be so
     construed as to make the State liable to refund any money in
     consequence of any compromise which may take place between any
     actual settler or warrant holder, under the provisions of this
     act.  1813, March 22, P.L. 160, 6 Sm. L. 54, Sec. 3.
        Section 4.  Proceedings in case of compromise
        In all cases where an actual settler has, adverse to the
     original warrantee, taken possession of a tract of land, north
     and west of the rivers Ohio and Allegheny and Conewango Creek,
     which had been surveyed on an original warrant, and has made
     such actual settlement, residence and improvements as are
     described in the ninth section of the act, entitled, ,,an act
     for the sale of vacant land within this Commonwealth," and an
     agreement or compromise hath taken place between such actual
     settler, or his legal representative, and the original
     warrantee, or his legal representative, prior to the passing of
     the act, entitled :An Act providing for the settlement of
     certain disputed titles to land north and west of the rivers
     Ohio and Allegheny and Conewango Creek," passed March 20, 1811,
     the evidence whereof hath been or shall be proved or
     acknowledged, and recorded in the proper county, that in such
     case the commonwealth shall cease to have any further claim to
     said tract, and the title to the same shall be confirmed to such
     warrantee and settler, or their legal representatives
     accordingly: provided always, that it is not intended by the
     provisions of this section to recognize any agreement or
     compromise, where a less quantity than one hundred and fifty
     acres clear of expense has been agreed upon, to be granted to
     the settler, excepting in cases where the warrantee furnished
     the settler with money, provisions or other articles, to enable
     said settler to improve and settle such tract of land; in which
     cases the title shall be confirmed to the parties, where not
     less than fifty acres has been agreed upon to be given to the
     settler, clear of expense, together with the articles so
     furnished. 1813, March 22, P.L. 160, 6 Sm. L. 54, Sec. 4.