Act of Mar. 31, 1812, P.L. 259, No. 194              Cl. 68
                                  AN ACT

     Concerning joint tenancy.
        Section 1.  Lands held by joint tenancy to descend as estates
     of tenants in common
        If partition be not made between joint tenants, whether they
     be such as might have been compelled to make partition or not,
     or of whatever kind the estates or thing holden or possessed be,
     the parts of those who die first shall not accrue to the
     survivors, but shall descend or pass by devise, and shall be
     subject to debts, charges, curtesy or dower, or transmissible to
     executors or administrators, and be considered to every other
     intent and purpose in the same manner as if such deceased joint
     tenants had been tenants in common: Provided always, that
     nothing in this act shall be taken to affect any trust estate.
     1812, March 31, P.L. 259, 5 Sm. L. 395, Sec. 1.