Act of Jan. 22, 1802, P.L. 21, No. 11               Cl. 68
                                  AN ACT

     An act limiting the operation of caveats entered in the land-
        office of this Commonwealth, against the issuing of patents.

        Whereas, the provision heretofore made by law, for allowing
     caveats to be entered in the land-office of this Commonwealth,
     against the issuing of patents, has in many instances, produced
     great inconvenience and embarrassment, to warrantees and
     purchasers, as well as delay in completing titles to land, by
     suffering the said caveats to remain as a bar, for an indefinite
     length of time, without any process had thereon:  Therefore,

        Section 1.  (Expired.)
        Section 2.  Effect of caveat
        No caveat, note on survey, or writing in the nature of a
     caveat, hereafter to be entered in either of the offices of the
     land office of this Commonwealth, shall continue to bar the
     issuing of a patent to the person or persons, or his, her or
     their legal representative or representatives, against whom such
     caveat may be entered, during a longer period than two years
     from the entry of such caveat, in the land office aforesaid;
     unless the party or parties interested in the land, or his, her
     or their agent or agents, assignee or assignees, shall, within
     the term aforesaid, take out a citation thereon, in order to
     bring such dispute to a decision, and prosecute the same to
     effect.  1802, Jan. 22, P.L. 22, 3 sm.l. 480, Sec. 2.
        Section 3.  (Expired.)