§ 1518.  Reports on mental or physical disabilities or disorders.

(a)  Definition of disorders and disabilities.--The Medical Advisory Board shall define disorders characterized by lapses of consciousness or other mental or physical disabilities affecting the ability of a person to drive safely for the purpose of the reports required by this section.

(b)  Reports by health care personnel.--All physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors, physician assistants, certified registered nurse practitioners and other persons authorized to diagnose or treat disorders and disabilities defined by the Medical Advisory Board shall report to the department, in writing, the full name, date of birth and address of every person over 15 years of age diagnosed as having any specified disorder or disability within ten days.

(c)  Responsibility of institution heads.--The person in charge of every mental hospital, institution or clinic, or any alcohol or drug treatment facility, shall be responsible to assure that reports are filed in accordance with subsection (b).

(d)  Confidentiality of reports.--The reports required by this section shall be confidential and shall be used solely for the purpose of determining the qualifications of any person to drive a motor vehicle on the highways of this Commonwealth.

(e)  Use of report as evidence.--No report forwarded under the provisions of this section shall be used as evidence in any civil or criminal trial except in any proceeding under section 1519(c) (relating to determination of incompetency).

(f)  Immunity from civil and criminal liability.--No civil or criminal action may be brought against any person or agency for providing the information required under this system.

(g)  Definitions.--As used in this section, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings given to them in this subsection:

"Chiropractor."  A chiropractor acting within the scope of practice contained in the act of December 16, 1986 (P.L.1646, No.188), known as the Chiropractic Practice Act.

"Podiatrist."  A podiatrist acting within the scope of practice contained in the act of March 2, 1956 (1955 P.L.1206, No.375), known as the Podiatry Practice Act.


(July 15, 2004, P.L.698, No.76, eff. 60 days)


2004 Amendment.  Section 2 of Act 76 provided that any regulations of the Department of Transportation that are inconsistent with Act 76 are hereby abrogated to the extent of that inconsistency.

Cross References.  Section 1518 is referred to in section 1503 of this title.