§ 1517.  Medical Advisory Board.

(a)  Membership.--There shall be a Medical Advisory Board consisting of 13 members appointed by the secretary. The board shall be composed of an authorized representative from the Department of Transportation, Department of Justice, Governor's Council on Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Department of Health, Pennsylvania State Police and professionals as follows: One neurologist, one doctor of cardiovascular disease, one doctor of internal medicine, one general practitioner, one ophthalmologist, one psychiatrist, one orthopedic surgeon and one optometrist.

(b)  Duties.--The board may advise the department and review regulations proposed by the department concerning physical and mental criteria including vision standards relating to the licensing of drivers under the provisions of this chapter.


(Dec. 21, 1998, P.L.1126, No.151, eff. imd.)


1998 Amendment.  Act 151 amended subsec. (b).

Governor's Council on Drug and Alcohol Abuse.  The Governor's Council on Drug and Alcohol Abuse is now known as the Pennsylvania Advisory Council on Drug and Alcohol Abuse and is designated as the advisory council to the Department of Health for drug and alcohol programs. See section 3 of the act of April 14, 1972 (P.L.221, No.63), known as the Pennsylvania Drug and Alcohol Abuse Control Act.

Department of Justice.  The act of October 15, 1980 (P.L.950, No.164), known as the Commonwealth Attorneys Act, effective January 20, 1981, provided that the General Counsel shall serve as a member of the Medical Advisory Board and repealed section 1517(a) to the extent that the Attorney General was made a member of the Medical Advisory Board.

Cross References.  Section 1517 is referred to in section 1519 of this title.