A.  General Provisions

B.  Discontinuance of Service to Leased Premises


Enactment.  Chapter 15 was added July 1, 1978, P.L.598, No.116, effective in 60 days.

Cross References.  Chapter 15 is referred to in section 2603 of this title.







1501.  Character of service and facilities.

1501.1. Certain utilities prohibited from using foreign coal.

1502.  Discrimination in service.

1503.  Discontinuance of service.

1504.  Standards of service and facilities.

1505.  Proper service and facilities established on complaint; authority to order conservation and load management programs.

1506.  Copies of service contracts, etc., to be filed with commission.

1507.  Testing of appliances for measurement of service.

1508.  Reports of accidents.

1509.  Billing procedures.

1510.  Ownership and maintenance of natural and artificial gas service lines.

1511.  Electricity supplied to certain organizations.

1512.  Emergency response plans.


Subchapter Heading.  The heading of Subchapter A was added November 26, 1978, P.L.1245, No.297, effective in 60 days.


§ 1501.  Character of service and facilities.

Every public utility shall furnish and maintain adequate, efficient, safe, and reasonable service and facilities, and shall make all such repairs, changes, alterations, substitutions, extensions, and improvements in or to such service and facilities as shall be necessary or proper for the accommodation, convenience, and safety of its patrons, employees, and the public. Such service also shall be reasonably continuous and without unreasonable interruptions or delay. Such service and facilities shall be in conformity with the regulations and orders of the commission. Subject to the provisions of this part and the regulations or orders of the commission, every public utility may have reasonable rules and regulations governing the conditions under which it shall be required to render service. Any public utility service being furnished or rendered by a municipal corporation beyond its corporate limits shall be subject to regulation and control by the commission as to service and extensions, with the same force and in like manner as if such service were rendered by a public utility. The commission shall have sole and exclusive jurisdiction to promulgate rules and regulations for the allocation of natural or artificial gas supply by a public utility.



Cross References.  Section 1501 is referred to in sections 102, 1353, 2205, 2207, 2807, 3205 of this title.