§ 704.  Divorcing and divorced person may resume prior name.

(a)  General rule.--Any person who is a party in a divorce action may, at any time prior to or subsequent to the entry of the divorce decree, resume any prior surname used by him or her by filing a written notice to such effect in the office of the prothonotary of the county in which the divorce action was filed or the decree of divorce was entered, showing the caption and docket number of the proceeding in divorce.

(b)  Foreign decrees.--Where a divorced person has been the subject of a decree of divorce granted in a foreign jurisdiction, a certified copy of such foreign divorce decree may be filed with the prothonotary of the county where the person resides and, thereafter, the notice specified in subsection (a) may be filed with reference to such decree.


(Nov. 22, 2000, P.L.689, No.92, eff. 60 days; July 5, 2005, P.L.54, No.18, eff. 60 days)


Cross References.  Section 704 is referred to in section 702 of this title.