§ 7435.  Powers.
        (a)  Specific powers.--When confirmed and sworn and
     displaying a badge of authority, special fire police shall have
     full power to regulate traffic and keep crowds under control at
     or in the vicinity of any fire on which their companies are in
     attendance and to exercise other police powers necessary to
     facilitate and prevent interference with the work of firemen in
     extinguishing fires. They shall also have the police powers
     necessary to perform their duties when functioning as special
     fire police at any function, event or parade conducted by and
     under the auspices of a volunteer fire company, or another
     event, function or parade conducted by an organization other
     than a volunteer fire company, provided that the request to
     perform these duties is made by the governing body of the city,
     borough, town, township or home rule municipality in which the
     event will be conducted, or when accidents, floods or any other
     emergencies require performance of traffic-control and crowd-
     control duties. The duties may be performed without prior
     request from the governing body until the arrival of proper
     State, city, borough, town, township or home rule municipality
     police authority and thereafter subject to direction of the
     police authority until the emergency no longer exists. A person
     functioning as special fire police and performing a duty under
     any of the conditions in this subsection shall be deemed to be
     performing the duties of his employment.
        (b)  Identification.--Fire police performing the duties under
     this subchapter shall be identifiable by, at minimum, the
     wearing of a distinctive arm band, hat, uniform or insignia.
        (c)  Construction.--Under no circumstances shall this
     subchapter be construed to grant special fire police the right
     to use firearms or other weapons in the exercise of special fire
     police powers granted by this subchapter.