§ 2533.  Report of intermediary.

(a)  General rule.--Within six months after filing the report of intention to adopt, the intermediary who or which arranged the adoption placement of any child under the age of 18 years shall make a written report under oath to the court in which the petition for adoption will be filed and shall thereupon forthwith notify in writing the adopting parent or parents of the fact that the report has been filed and the date thereof.

(b)  Contents.--The report shall set forth:

(1)  The name and address of the intermediary.

(2)  The name, sex, racial background, age, date and place of birth and religious affiliation of the child.

(3)  The date of the placement of the child with the adopting parent or parents.

(4)  The name, racial background, age, marital status as of the time of birth of the child and during one year prior thereto, and religious affiliation of the parents of the child.

(5)  Identification of proceedings in which any decree of termination of parental rights, or parental rights and duties, with respect to the child was entered.

(6)  The residence of the parents or parent of the child, if there has been no such decree of termination.

(7)  A statement that all consents required by section 2711 (relating to consents necessary to adoption) are attached as exhibits or the basis upon which the consents are not required.

(8)  An itemized accounting of moneys and consideration paid or to be paid to or received by the intermediary or to or by any other person or persons to the knowledge of the intermediary by reason of the adoption placement.

(9)  A full description and statement of the value of all property owned or possessed by the child.

(10)  A statement that no provision of any statute regulating the interstate placement of children has been violated with respect to the placement of the child.

(11)  If no birth certificate or certification of registration of birth can be obtained, a statement of the reason therefor.

(12)  A statement that medical history information was obtained and if not obtained, a statement of the reason therefor.

(c)  Appropriate relief.--The court may provide appropriate relief where it finds that the moneys or consideration reported or reportable pursuant to subsection (b)(8) are excessive.

(d)  Permissible reimbursement of expenses.--Payments made by the adoptive parents to an intermediary or a third party for reimbursement of the following expenses, calculated without regard to the income of the adoptive parents, are permissible and are not in violation of 18 Pa.C.S. § 4305 (relating to dealing in infant children):

(1)  Medical and hospital expenses incurred by the natural mother for prenatal care and those medical and hospital expenses incurred by the natural mother and child incident to birth.

(2)  Medical, hospital and foster care expenses incurred on behalf of the child prior to the decree of adoption.

(3)  Reasonable expenses incurred by the agency or a third party for adjustment counseling and training services provided to the adoptive parents and for home studies or investigations.

(4)  Reasonable administrative expenses incurred by the agency, to include overhead costs and attorney fees.


(June 23, 1982, P.L.617, No.174, eff. 60 days; Jan. 15, 1988, P.L.16, No.7, eff. imd.)


1988 Amendment.  Act 7 added subsec. (d). Section 2 of Act 7 provided that Act 7 shall apply to expenses incurred for adoption decrees made after the effective date of Act 7, regardless of whether the expenses were incurred prior to or after the effective date of Act 7.

1982 Amendment.  Act 174 amended subsec. (b) and added subsec. (c).

Cross References.  Section 2533 is referred to in sections 2535, 2701, 2901 of this title.