§ 3392.  Classification and order of payment.

If the applicable assets of the estate are insufficient to pay all proper charges and claims in full, the personal representative, subject to any preference given by law to claims due the United States, shall pay them in the following order, without priority as between claims of the same class:

(1)  The costs of administration.

(2)  The family exemption.

(3)  The costs of the decedent's funeral and burial, and the costs of medicines furnished to him within six months of his death, of medical or nursing services performed for him within that time, of hospital services including maintenance provided him within that time, of services provided under the medical assistance program provided within that time and of services performed for him by any of his employees within that time.

(4)  The cost of a gravemarker.

(5)  Rents for the occupancy of the decedent's residence for six months immediately prior to his death.

(5.1)  Claims by the Commonwealth and the political subdivisions of the Commonwealth.

(6)  All other claims.


(Feb. 21, 2006, P.L.45, No.17, eff. imd.)


Cross References.  Section 3392 is referred to in section 7755 of this title.