§ 9152.  Procedure.

(a)  Rules and regulations.--The Attorney General in cooperation with appropriate criminal justice agencies shall promulgate rules and regulations to implement this section and shall establish reasonable fees.

(b)  Requests for information.--Any individual requesting to review his or her own criminal history record information shall submit proper identification to the criminal justice agency which maintains his or her record. Proper identification shall be determined by the officials of the repository where the request is made. If criminal history record information exists the individual may review a copy of such information without undue delay for the purpose of review and challenge.

(c)  Challenge of accuracy.--The individual may challenge the accuracy of his or her criminal history record information by specifying which portion of the record is incorrect and what the correct version should be. Failure to challenge any portion of the record in existence at that time will place the burden of proving the inaccuracy of any part subsequently challenged upon the individual. Information subsequently added to such record shall also be subject to review, challenge, correction or appeal.

(d)  Review of challenge.--All criminal justice agencies shall have 60 days to conduct a review of any challenge and shall have the burden of proving the accuracy of the record. The decision on the challenge shall include all information, including, but not limited to, the jurisdiction and docket number of any relevant court decision which formed a basis for the decision. If the challenge is deemed valid, the appropriate officials must ensure that:

(1)  The criminal history record information is corrected.

(2)  A certified and corrected copy of the criminal history record information is provided to the individual.

(3)  Prior erroneous criminal history record information disseminated to criminal justice agencies shall be destroyed or returned and replaced with corrected information.

(4)  The individual is supplied with the names of those noncriminal justice agencies and individuals which have received erroneous criminal history record information.

(e)  Appeals.--

(1)  If the challenge is ruled invalid, an individual has the right to appeal the decision to the Attorney General within 30 days of notification of the decision by the criminal justice agency.

(2)  The Attorney General shall conduct a hearing de novo in accordance with the Administrative Agency Law. The burden of proof shall be upon the party bearing the burden of proof on the challenge.

(3)  The decision of the Attorney General may be appealed to the Commonwealth Court by an aggrieved individual.


(Oct. 17, 2008, P.L.1628, No.131, eff. imd.)


2008 Amendment.  Act 131 amended subsecs. (d) and (e).