9141.  Audits.

9142.  Quality control.

9143.  Regulations.


§ 9141.  Audits.

(a)  Audit required.--

(1)  The Attorney General shall conduct annual audits of the central repository and of a representative sample of all repositories. The Office of Attorney General shall conduct a review of State criminal justice agencies' automated policies and procedures established pursuant to section 9106 (relating to information in central repository or automated systems) to ensure that the provisions of this chapter are upheld within two years of the effective date of this act.

(2)  The Pennsylvania State Police shall conduct an annual audit of at least 5% of all municipal police department plans, policies or procedures which are implemented pursuant to section 9106(c) to ensure that the provisions of this chapter are upheld. The first such audit shall be conducted within two years of the effective date of this act. A copy of the audit shall be submitted to the Attorney General.

(b)  Access to records.--Persons conducting the audit shall be provided access to all records, reports and listings required to conduct an audit of criminal history record information, and all persons with access to such information or authorized to receive such information shall cooperate with and provide information requested.

(c)  Contents of audit.--The audit shall contain a report of deficiencies and recommendations for the correction of such deficiencies. Upon the completion of every audit, the audited agency shall carry out the recommendations within a reasonable period of time unless the audit report is appealed to the Attorney General and the appeal is upheld.

(d)  Modification of recommendations.--The Attorney General shall have the power to modify the corrective measures recommended by the audit.


(Dec. 19, 1990, P.L.1332, No.207, eff. imd.)