9131.  Security requirements for repositories.


Cross References.  Subchapter D is referred to in section 9104 of this title.


§ 9131.  Security requirements for repositories.

Every criminal justice agency collecting, storing or disseminating criminal history record information shall ensure the confidentiality and security of criminal history record information by providing that wherever such information is maintained, a criminal justice agency must:

(1)  Institute procedures to reasonably protect any repository from theft, fire, sabotage, flood, wind or other natural or man-made disasters.

(2)  Select, supervise and train all personnel authorized to have access to criminal history record information.

(3)  Ensure that, where computerized data processing is employed, the equipment utilized for maintaining criminal history record information is solely dedicated to purposes related to the administration of criminal justice, or, if the equipment is not used solely for the administration of criminal justice, the criminal justice agency shall be accorded equal management participation in computer operations used to maintain the criminal history record information.


(June 11, 1982, P.L.476, No.138, eff. 180 days)