§ 2703.1.  Aggravated harassment by prisoner.

A person who is confined in or committed to any local or county detention facility, jail or prison or any State penal or correctional institution or other State penal or correctional facility located in this Commonwealth commits a felony of the third degree if he, while so confined or committed or while undergoing transportation to or from such an institution or facility in or to which he was confined or committed, intentionally or knowingly causes or attempts to cause another to come into contact with blood, seminal fluid, saliva, urine or feces by throwing, tossing, spitting or expelling such fluid or material.


(Feb. 18, 1998, P.L.102, No.19, eff. imd.)


1998 Amendment.  Act 19 added section 2703.1.

Cross References.  Section 2703.1 is referred to in section 2702.1 of this title.