§ 5726.  Removal of directors.

(a)  Removal by the members.--

(1)  Unless otherwise provided in a bylaw adopted by the members, the entire board of directors, or a class of the board where the board is classified with respect to the power to select directors, or any individual director of a nonprofit corporation may be removed from office without assigning any cause by the vote of members, or a class of members, entitled to elect directors, or the class of directors. In case the board or a class of the board or any one or more directors are so removed, new directors may be elected at the same meeting.

(2)  An individual director shall not be removed, unless the entire board or class of the board is removed, from the board of a corporation in which members are entitled to vote cumulatively for the board or a class of the board if sufficient votes are cast against the resolution for removal of the director which, if cumulatively voted at an annual or other regular election of directors, would be sufficient to elect one or more directors to the board or to the class.

(b)  Removal by the board.--Unless otherwise provided in a bylaw adopted by the members, the board of directors may declare vacant the office of a director who has been judicially declared of unsound mind or who has been convicted of an offense punishable by imprisonment for a term of more than one year, or for any other proper cause which the bylaws may specify, or if, within 60 days, or other time as the bylaws may specify, after notice of selection, a director does not accept the office either in writing or by attending a meeting of the board of directors and fulfill the other requirements of qualification as the bylaws may specify.

(c)  Removal by the court.--Upon application of any member or director, the court may remove from office any director in case of fraudulent or dishonest acts, or gross abuse of authority or discretion with reference to the corporation, or for any other proper cause, and may bar from office any director so removed for a period prescribed by the court. The corporation shall be made a party to the action and, as a prerequisite to the maintenance of an action under this subsection, a member shall comply with Subchapter G (relating to judicial supervision of corporate action).

(d)  Effect of reinstatement.--An act of the board done during the period when a director has been suspended or removed for cause shall not be impugned or invalidated if the suspension or removal is thereafter rescinded by the members or by the board or by the final judgment of a court.


(July 9, 2013, P.L.476, No.67, eff. 60 days)


Cross References.  Section 5726 is referred to in section 5504 of this title.