§ 16.  Legislative districts.
        The Commonwealth shall be divided into 50 senatorial and 203
     representative districts, which shall be composed of compact and
     contiguous territory as nearly equal in population as
     practicable. Each senatorial district shall elect one Senator,
     and each representative district one Representative. Unless
     absolutely necessary no county, city, incorporated town,
     borough, township or ward shall be divided in forming either a
     senatorial or representative district.
     (Apr. 23, 1968, P.L.App.3, Prop. No.1)

        1968 Amendment.  Proposal No.1 amended and consolidated
     former sections 16 and 17 into present section 16. The schedule
     to Proposal No.1 provided that section 16, if approved by the
     electorate voting on April 23, 1968, shall become effective the
     year following that in which the next Federal decennial census
     is officially reported as required by Federal law.