House of Representatives

Daily Session Update

Prepared by the Office of the Parliamentarian

January 12, 2021




Opening Prayer by Representative Schlossberg.

Communications Received


The Speaker acknowledged receipt of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania’s Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance Control Act, 18 Pa.C.S. §5723(d).


The Speaker acknowledged receipt of the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency’s Marcellus Annual Report for Calendar Year 2020.


The Speaker acknowledged receipt of the Commonwealth Financing Authority’s Financial Statements for 2019 and 2020.


The Speaker acknowledged receipt of the Pennsylvania 529 College and Career Savings Program’s (PA 529) for Fiscal Year 2019-20 from the Pennsylvania State Treasurer.


Communications Received From the Senate



Voting Schedule



Concurrence in Senate Amendments



Concurrence in Senate Amendments to House Amendments



Bills on Second Consideration



Bills on Third Consideration



Bills Signed by the Speaker



Bills Referred


HR 13        Labor and Industry


HB 38        Judiciary

HB 39        State Government

HB 40        State Government

HB 41        Health

HB 42        Judiciary

HB 43        State Government

HB 44        Health

HB 45        State Government

HB 46        Local Government

HB 47        State Government

HB 48        Finance

HB 49        State Government

HB 50        Appropriations

HB 51        State Government

HB 52        State Government

HB 53        Appropriations

HB 54        Transportation

HB 55        State Government

HB 56        Transportation

HB 57        Transportation

HB 58        Finance

HB 59        Judiciary


HB 67        Judiciary

HB 68        Judiciary

HB 69        Consumer Affairs

HB 70        Insurance

HB 71        State Government

HB 72        Environmental Resources and Energy

HB 73        Finance

HB 74        Finance

HB 75        Appropriations


HB 77        Commerce

HB 78        Commerce

HB 79        Local Government


HB 81        Judiciary


HB 83        Finance

HB 84        Judiciary

HB 85        Education

HB 86        Education

HB 87        Human Services

HB 88        Labor and Industry

HB 89        Health

HB 90        Labor and Industry

HB 91        Judiciary

HB 92        Human Services

HB 93        Judiciary

HB 94        Education


HB 96        Transportation


HB 98        Insurance

HB 99        Labor and Industry


HB 101     Agriculture and Rural Affairs

HB 102     Education

HB 103     Judiciary

HB 104     State Government


HB 107     Human Services

HB 108     State Government

HB 109     Human Services

HB 110     Agriculture and Rural Affairs

HB 111     Judiciary

HB 112     Transportation

HB 113     Transportation

HB 114     Labor and Industry

HB 115     Judiciary

HB 116     Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness

HB 117     Finance

HB 118     Health


HB 120     State Government

HB 121     Game and Fisheries

HB 122     Transportation


HB 124     Transportation

HB 125     Transportation

HB 126     Labor and Industry

HB 127     Finance

HB 128     Finance


HB 130     Finance

HB 131     Professional Licensure

HB 132     Agriculture and Rural Affairs

HB 133     Transportation

HB 134     Transportation


HB 136     Urban Affairs

HB 137     Judiciary

HB 138     Judiciary

HB 139     Environmental Resources and Energy


Bills Recommitted



Bills ReReferred



Bills Reported from Committee



Bills Removed from the Tabled Calendar and Placed on the Active Calendar



Bills Removed from the Active Calendar and Placed on the Tabled Calendar



House Resolutions Adopted



This is not an official record of the day’s legislative activity.

The House of Representatives adjourned

Until Wednesday, January 13, 2021 at 11:00 A.M.

unless sooner recalled by the Speaker.