House of Representatives

Daily Session Update

Prepared by the Office of the Parliamentarian

January 11, 2021

12 Noon



Opening Prayer by Representative Lawrence.


Swearing-In of Representatives-Elect Margo Davidson of the 164th Legislative District; Valerie Gaydos of the 44th Legislative District; Carol Hill-Evans of the 9th Legislative District; Patty Kim of the 103rd Legislative District; Summer Lee of the 34th Legislative District; and Jake Wheatley of the 19th Legislative District were administered.


Communications Received


January 11, 2021


The Speaker appointed the following members as Committee Chairs for the 2021-2022 Legislative Session:




The Speaker submitted the following Minority Committee Chairs appointed by the Democrat Leader for the 2021-2022 Legislative Session:



Pursuant to the provisions of Act No. 181 of 1982, as amended, the Regulatory Review Act, the Speaker of the House is required to prescribe the jurisdiction of each standing committee of the House over the various State agencies for the purpose fo reviewing proposed regulations.


I have, therefore, submitted the designated House committee to which you should submit any regulations which you may propose during the 2021-2022 Legislative Sessions.



Communications Received From the Senate



Voting Schedule



Concurrence in Senate Amendments



Concurrence in Senate Amendments to House Amendments



Bills on Second Consideration



Bills on Third Consideration



Bills Signed by the Speaker



Bills Referred


HB 11        Transportation

HB 12        Transportation


HB 14        Judiciary


HB 16        Transportation


HB 18        State Government


HB 24        State Government

HB 25        State Government

HB 26        Transportation


HR 7          State Government

HR 8          State Government


Bills Recommitted



Bills ReReferred



Bills Reported from Committee



Bills Removed from the Tabled Calendar and Placed on the Active Calendar



Bills Removed from the Active Calendar and Placed on the Tabled Calendar



House Resolutions Adopted


HR 14

A Resolution providing for the appointment of members to the Standing Committees of the House of Representatives.

202 - 0 


This is not an official record of the day’s legislative activity.

The House of Representatives adjourned

Until Tuesday, January 12, 2021 at 11:00 A.M.

unless sooner recalled by the Speaker.