House of Representatives

Non-Voting Session

Daily Session Update

Prepared by the Office of the Parliamentarian

December 10, 2019



Communications Received



Communications Received From the Senate



Voting Schedule



Concurrence in Senate Amendments



Concurrence in Senate Amendments to House Amendments



Bills on Second Consideration



Bills on Third Consideration



Bills Signed by the Speaker



Bills Referred


HR 629     State Government


HR 633     Health


HB 2118   Education

HB 2119   Finance


HB 2122   Local Government

HB 2123   Transportation


Bills Recommitted



Bills ReReferred



Bills Reported from Committee



Bill Removed from the Tabled Calendar and Placed on the Active Calendar


HB 122

HB 1223

HB 1224

HB 1316

HB 1512

HB 1946

SB 432

SB 500

SB 501

SB 502

HR 74


Bill Removed from the Active Calendar and Placed on the Tabled Calendar


HB 122

HB 1316

HB 1512

HR 74


House Resolutions Adopted



This is not an official record of the day’s legislative activity.

The House of Representatives adjourned

until Monday, December 16, 2019 at 1:00 P.M.

unless sooner recalled by the Speaker.