House of Representatives

Daily Session Update

Prepared by the Office of the Parliamentarian

December 4, 2017



Communications Received


Committees on Committees

Supplemental Report


In the House of Representatives

December 4, 2017


Resolved that,


Representative Jeff Pyle, Armstrong, Butler and Indiana Counties, resigned as a member of the Appropriations Committee.


Representative Doyle Heffley, Carbon County, is elected a member of the Appropriations Committee.


Respectfully submitted,


Robert Godshall, Chairman

Committee on Committees


Communications Received From the Senate



Voting Schedule



Concurrence in Senate Amendments



Concurrence in Senate Amendments to House Amendments



Bills on Second Consideration


HB 110 PN 1045

Bill Agreed to on Second Consideration

HB 1401 PN 2610


Motion to Re-Refer to

Environmental Resources

& Energy (Gabler)



93 – 94            (Failed)

   A04432 (EVANKOVICH)

53 – 134         (Failed)

HB 1915 PN 2735

Bill Agreed to on Second Consideration


Bills on Third Consideration



Bills Signed by the Speaker



Bills Referred


HB 1940    Appropriations

HB 1941    Appropriations

HB 1942    Appropriations

HB 1943    Appropriations

HB 1944    Appropriations

HB 1945    Appropriations


HB 1947    Finance

HB 1948    Transportation

HB 1949    Health

HB 1950    Health

HB 1951    Judiciary

HB 1952    Judiciary


HB 1992    Transportation


HB 2006    Local Government


Bills Recommitted


HB 110           To Appropriations

HB 1915        To Appropriations


Bills ReReferred



Bills Reported from Committee


HB 83             From Appropriations as Amended

HB 122           From Appropriations Re-Reported as Committed

HB 456           From Health as Amended

HB 1869        From Health as Committed

SB 3                 From Health as Committed


Bills and Resolution Removed from the Tabled Calendar and Placed on the Active Calendar


HB 983

HB 1124

HB 1286

HB 1644

HB 1737

HB 1738

HB 1918

HB 1929

SB 458

SR 154


Bills and Resolution Removed from the Active Calendar and Placed on the Tabled Calendar


HB 1286

HB 1737

SR 154


House Resolutions Adopted


HR 551

A Resolution commemorating December 7, 2017, as "Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day."

187 – 0

HR 552

A Resolution designating December 15, 2017, as "Bill of Rights Day" in Pennsylvania.

187 – 0


This is not an official record of the day’s legislative activity.

The House of Representatives adjourned

until Tuesday, December 5, 2017 at 11:00 A.M.

unless sooner recalled by the Speaker.