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77 Results are displayed below for co-sponsorship memoranda by Representative Angel Cruz .

  Member Subject Introduced
11-26-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Prohibiting the Sale of Alcohol on Election Day HR638 
10-09-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Address Gun Violence and Condemn Extreme and Inflammatory Rhetoric HR604 
9-11-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Recognizing Indigenous People HR508 
8-23-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Raising Leukodystrophy and Krabbe Awareness HR480  HR481 
8-20-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Celebrating Hispanic Heritage HR476 
8-20-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz September 2019 as “Newborn Screening Awareness Month” HR475 
7-09-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Condolence Resolution Honoring the Life of Former Phila City Commissioner Margaret Tartaglione HR449 
6-11-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Poll Watcher Training and Certification HB1643 
5-30-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Compassionate Assisted Dignified Death HB2033 
5-13-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz June 2019 as “Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Awareness Month” HR360 
4-29-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Light the Way - Requiring Visible Night Signage on Uber and Lyft HB1394 
4-03-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Diverse and inclusive history lessons HB1393 
4-03-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz The Time is NOW: Urge Attorney General to pursue legal actions over Opioid Crisis in PA HR344 
3-19-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Public Awareness of Nursing Home Choice HB1286 
3-19-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Improving Quality of Life in Nursing Homes HB1287 
3-05-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Education and Newborn Screening HB1220 
3-04-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Newborn Health Screenings HB730 
2-08-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Condemning the Decision to End DACA and Urging Congressional Action HR134 
2-08-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Study on Pesticide Exposure and Poisoning, Testing and Reporting HR133 
2-08-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Urge MLB to Retire Uniform Number 21 in Honor of Roberto Clemente  HR132 
2-08-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Firearm Registration Act HB768 
2-08-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Championing an Accurate Decennial Census HR135  HR136 
1-09-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Firearm Eligibility License HB467 
1-09-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Video Surveillance in Child Care Centers HB466 
1-09-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Summary Offense for Unsolicited Materials on Property within a City of the First Class HB465 
1-09-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Suspension of Vehicle Registration for Failure to Respond to Citation HB464 
1-09-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Speed Humps in School Zone Pilot Program HB463 
1-09-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Side Underride Protection Systems HB461 
1-09-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Sickle Cell Testing Act HB460 
1-09-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Mental Health Reporting Requirements HB459  HB462 
1-09-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz School Bus Video Monitoring HB458 
1-09-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Year Round Tire Removal Program in the City of Philadelphia HR80 
1-09-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Solicitation Law Public Education Campaign HR79 
1-09-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Puerto Rico’s 2017 Plebiscite HR78 
1-09-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Urging Congress to Make Selective Service Gender Neutral HR77 
1-09-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Philadelphia School District Funding Accountability HR76 
1-09-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Borinqueneers Postage Stamp HR75 
1-08-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Technology and Information Access for Individuals with Cognitive Disabilities HR74 
1-08-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Photo Evidence of a Violation for Removal of a Vehicle in Philadelphia HB454 
1-08-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Strengthened Consumer Protections HB453 
1-08-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Prohibit Drivers from Driving While Holding an Animal HB452 
1-08-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Use of Wireless Communication Devices While Dispensing Fuel HB451 
1-08-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Cell Phones in Public Schools HB450 
1-08-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Physical Education Participation in Schools HB449 
1-08-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Election Officer Salaries HB348 
1-08-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Drug Take Back and Disposal by Pharmacies HB347 
1-08-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Addressing Food Allergies in Schools and Child Care Centers HB345  HB346 
1-07-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Firearm Rental at Shooting Ranges HB344 
1-07-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz License to Operate a Government Vehicle HB343 
1-07-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Disposal of Waste Tires HB342 
1-07-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Diabetes Testing HB341 
1-07-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz School Assessments HB340 
1-04-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Pennsylvania Charter School Oversight HB339 
1-04-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Cell Site Simulator Devices HB338 
1-04-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz BPA Free Food and Beverage Containers HB1221 
1-04-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Animal Abuse Registry HB337 
1-04-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Drug Testing Members of the General Assembly HB222 
1-04-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz and Rep. Michael H. Schlossberg Lead Testing Package HB211  HB212  HB213  HB215 
1-04-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Driver’s Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants HB220 
1-04-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Selective Service Registration Check Box on Driver’s License Applications HB221 
1-03-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Prohibit the Avoidance of Traffic Lights HB219 
1-03-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Use of Data Extraction Devices by Law Enforcement HB218 
1-03-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Protecting Children from Secondhand Smoke in Vehicles HB217 
1-03-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Preventing Drivers from Returning to their Vehicles Immediately after a DUI Arrest HB216 
1-03-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Community Service In Lieu of Vehicle Code Fines and Costs HB214 
1-03-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Improving Food Safety by Labeling Pesticide Information HB210 
1-03-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Sale of Toy or Imitation Firearms HB204 
1-03-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Prohibiting Firearms in the Capitol Complex HB336 
1-03-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Penalties for Murdering an Unborn Child HB203 
1-03-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Statewide Gun Buyback Program HB202 
1-03-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Expungement of Mistaken Identity Arrest Records HB201 
1-03-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Unmanned Aircraft Surveillance HB199 
1-03-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Institutions of Higher Education under the Purely Public Charity Act HB191 
1-03-2019 Rep. Angel Cruz Handwriting Instruction in Schools HB189 
12-03-2018 Rep. Angel Cruz Increase Penalties for Providing Alcohol to Minors (Former HB 619) HB186 
12-03-2018 Rep. Angel Cruz Raising the Tipped Minimum Wage to Equal the General Minimum Wage (Former HB 2323 from the 2013-2014 Legislative Session) HB184 
12-03-2018 Rep. Angel Cruz Require School Year to Begin after the Labor Day Holiday HB181