1Directing the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to study
2the current condition and future viability of gaming in this

4WHEREAS, The advent of legalized gaming under 4 Pa.C.S. Pt.
5II (relating to gaming), known as the Pennsylvania Race Horse
6Development and Gaming Act, has proven to be a huge success; and

7WHEREAS, In the time since the Gaming Act was signed into law
8in 2004, 12 gaming facilities have opened for operation
9throughout this Commonwealth; and

10WHEREAS, The Gaming Act provides for up to 15 gaming
11facilities; and

12WHEREAS, These facilities offer a wide variety of slot
13machines and table games, directly employ over 16,000 people and
14have generated a total of over $6 billion in gaming tax revenue;

16WHEREAS, Gaming revenue has been used to provide wage and
17property tax relief to homeowners, sustain Pennsylvania's horse

1racing industry, enhance economic development, aid local
2governments, police and emergency services and provide funding
3to the Commonwealth's General Fund; and

4WHEREAS, It is important that the Commonwealth preserve and
5build on these successes and continually work to both maintain
6and improve the gaming industry in this Commonwealth; and

7WHEREAS, Recent months have seen gaming revenues begin to
8level off and even decline at some gaming facilities; and

9WHEREAS, As preparation is underway for new gaming facilities
10to potentially open in the next few years, the Commonwealth may
11need to consider changes and revisions to the Gaming Act so that
12all existing and new Category 1, 2 and 3 casino licensees may
13thrive with growing regional competition; and

14WHEREAS, The introduction and expansion of gaming in the
15states that border this Commonwealth have caused the Mid-
16Atlantic region to become an extremely competitive market;
17therefore be it

18RESOLVED, That the Senate direct the Legislative Budget and
19Finance Committee to study the current condition and future
20viability of gaming and the industry's potential for growth in
21this Commonwealth; and be it further

22RESOLVED, That the committee study the state of gaming under
23the Gaming Act in this Commonwealth and casino gaming in other
24states in order to make recommendations to the General Assembly
25in regard to potential regulatory and legislative changes which
26could be implemented in order to sustain and maximize gaming
27revenue and the positive economic impact of gaming in this
28Commonwealth; and be it further

29RESOLVED, That the committee analyze and compare the
30Commonwealth's tax structure and statutory and regulatory

1framework with other gaming states; and be it further

2RESOLVED, That the committee analyze the potential impact of
3online gaming on the gaming industry, including the impact
4online gaming may have on the Commonwealth's tax revenues and
5employment at the Commonwealth's casinos; and be it further

6RESOLVED, That the committee issue a report of its findings
7and recommendations to the General Assembly no later than May 1,