1Designating the week of October 13 through 19, 2013, as
2"Homeless Children's Awareness Week" in Pennsylvania.

3WHEREAS, Homeless Children's Awareness Week will bring
4attention to the growing problems and issues children
5experiencing homelessness face throughout this Commonwealth and
6across the nation; and

7WHEREAS, The National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty
8estimates as many as 2 million people will experience
9homelessness this year and about half of them will include
10children and youth; and

11WHEREAS, The Federal McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act
12states that children are homeless if they lack a fixed, regular
13and adequate nighttime residence; and

14WHEREAS, Children of all ages are negatively impacted by
15homelessness in the areas of physical health, emotional and
16behavioral development and academic success; and

1WHEREAS, Children are the fastest growing segment of the
2homeless population; and

3WHEREAS, During the 2011-2012 school year, over 19,000 school
4age children and youth were reported as experiencing
5homelessness which made up about 1% of the total Pennsylvania
6public school enrollment population for that year; and

7WHEREAS, Youth experiencing homelessness face several
8obstacles, including frequent moves which disrupt their
9education, making them twice as likely to repeat a grade; and

10WHEREAS, The National Coalition for the Homeless cites
11studies that show youth experiencing homelessness are set back
12academically three to six months; and

13WHEREAS, The national school dropout rate for children facing
14homelessness is 60% higher than for a child who does not have
15that experience during the school year; and

16WHEREAS, For more than a decade, the Homeless Children's
17Education Fund has been working to ensure that children facing
18homelessness have access to the same educational opportunities
19as other kids, in an effort to combat such statistics; and

20WHEREAS, Many events will take place during Homeless
21Children's Awareness Week in Pittsburgh, including an intimate
22storytelling event, a performance art installation and a 5K and
2310K run/walk for homeless children in North Park; and

24WHEREAS, Individuals and groups across this Commonwealth are
25encouraged to create their own events during Homeless Children's
26Awareness Week to raise awareness about the needs and challenges
27of children and youth experiencing homelessness in this
28Commonwealth; therefore be it

29RESOLVED, That the Senate designate the week of October 13
30through 19, 2013, as "Homeless Children's Awareness Week" in