1Recognizing recent acts of intolerance by recently resigned
2Coatesville Area School District Superintendent Richard Como
3and High School Athletic Director Jim Donato and condemning
4similar expressions of intolerance and discrimination.

5WHEREAS, The Coatesville Area School District is one of the
6most racially diverse in the Philadelphia suburbs and the most
7racially diverse in Chester County, with about 42% African-
8American students; and

9WHEREAS, Mr. Como and Mr. Donato were employed by the
10Coatesville Area School District when they engaged in a series
11of text messages referencing lewd, sexist and racial slurs on
12school district-issued phones; and

13WHEREAS, Mr. Como and Mr. Donato were entrusted with the care
14and education of all students enrolled in the Coatesville Area
15School District; and

16WHEREAS, Mr. Como's and Mr. Donato's actions were a direct
17violation of that trust and duty of care; and

18WHEREAS, The Senate vigorously embraces all humanity and

1emphatically rejects expressions, actions or practices of
2intolerance and discrimination; and

3WHEREAS, Accordingly, we must highlight and speak out to
4prevent acts of discrimination, exclusion or restriction on the
5basis of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation
6or socioeconomic condition; therefore be it

7RESOLVED, That the Senate recognize recent acts of
8intolerance in this Commonwealth and strongly condemn similar
9expressions of intolerance and discrimination.