1Recognizing Just Born, Inc., on the occasion of the 60th
2anniversary of Marshmallow Peeps.

3WHEREAS, The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has a rich history
4of manufacturing companies that are innovators in their
5respective fields; and

6WHEREAS, In 1917, Sam Born opened a retail candy shop in
7Brooklyn, New York, displaying in his store window candy made
8daily and marketing its freshness with a sign that declared
9"just born"; and

10WHEREAS, In 1932, Just Born moved its operations to an empty
11printing factory in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; and

12WHEREAS, In 1953, Just Born made the first Marshmallow Peep,
13the three-dimensional marshmallow product, by hand-squeezing
14marshmallow through a pastry tube; and

15WHEREAS, It once took 27 hours to create one Marshmallow
16Peep, but today it takes six minutes; and

1WHEREAS, In 1954, Just Born mechanized the Marshmallow Peeps
2forming press and became the world's largest manufacturer of
3novelty marshmallow candy; and

4WHEREAS, In the 1960s, Just Born introduced Seasonal Peeps,
5trees and snowmen for the holiday season and pumpkins and cats
6for Halloween; and

7WHEREAS, In the 1980s, as the demand for Just Born's
8Marshmallow Peeps increased, so did the size, as Peeps Giant
9Bunnies became available; and

10WHEREAS, In 1995, lavender became the fourth color for the
11Marshmallow Peeps, following yellow, pink and white; and

12WHEREAS, In 1998, Just Born turned 75 and blue became the
13newest Marshmallow Peeps color; and

14WHEREAS, In 1999, the first flavored Marshmallow Peeps,
15Vanilla Creme Eggs, were introduced, Peeps jellybeans hit
16shelves and Peeps launched a nationwide television advertising
17campaign, an Internet website and the Peeps Fan Club; and

18WHEREAS, In 2002, Marshmallow Peeps Stars and Cocoa Bats, the
19first-ever cocoa-flavored Marshmallow Peeps, became available;

21WHEREAS, In 2009, Peeps & Company, Just Born's first retail
22store, opened in National Harbor, Maryland; and

23WHEREAS, In 2010, chocolate-dipped and chocolate-covered
24Peeps Chicks were introduced for Easter; and

25WHEREAS, In 2011, Peeps & Company opened its second retail
26store in Minnesota at Mall of America and launched its new
27online store featuring candy and merchandise from their
28signature candy brands; and

29WHEREAS, In 2012, Peeps & Company opened the doors to its
30much-anticipated store in Bethlehem, located at The Outlets at

1Sands Bethlehem; and

2WHEREAS, For Easter 2013, Just Born is introducing a new
3Peeps Giant Bunny donning a green bow tie and holding a carrot
4and is also introducing a yellow Peeps Chick nestled inside a
5premium chocolate egg; and

6WHEREAS, In 2013, Marshmallow Peeps celebrates its 60th
7anniversary with a year full of festivities, including a
8television commercial campaign and promotions on the Internet
9website; therefore be it

10RESOLVED, That the Senate recognize the accomplishments of
11Just Born, Inc., on the 60th anniversary of Marshmallow Peeps.