1Recognizing March 13, 2013, as "Pennsylvania Industrial Resource
2Centers (IRCs) Day" in Pennsylvania.

3WHEREAS, The seven Pennsylvania Industrial Resource Centers
4(IRCs) located strategically throughout this Commonwealth and
5their dedicated staff members help small and medium-sized
6manufacturing enterprises respond to changing markets, new
7technology and the competitive pressure of the global economy;

9WHEREAS, Small and medium-sized manufacturers are critical to
10the health and prosperity of the Pennsylvania economy and make
11up over 92% of the manufacturing establishments in Pennsylvania;

13WHEREAS, Pennsylvania IRCs have provided sustained
14performance through more than 30,000 projects for more than
159,200 firms since 1988; and

16WHEREAS, Pennsylvania IRCs work with hundreds of closely

1aligned professional manufacturing consultants that serve every
2corner of Pennsylvania and draw resources from a strong
3Statewide network and nationwide system; and

4WHEREAS, Each year, Pennsylvania IRCs work with manufacturers
5to innovate, grow profitable sales and create jobs in
6Pennsylvania; and

7WHEREAS, Many thousands of manufacturing chief executive
8officers use Pennsylvania IRCs to keep up with the challenges of
9their global markets, new innovations in products and processes,
10increasing diversity in the work force, as well as the changing
11landscape of government resources and regulations; and

12WHEREAS, Pennsylvania IRCs play a liaison role between the
13business community, economic development partners, elected
14officials and manufacturing leaders and policy-makers; and

15WHEREAS, Collectively, Pennsylvania IRCs impact the regional
16economy by improving profitability, creating jobs and
17reinvesting in businesses; and

18WHEREAS, The economic impact of services provided by
19Pennsylvania IRCs over the last 10 years equated to
20$7,395,185,729 in increased and retained sales, $942,317,977 in
21cost savings and $1,443,369,811 in investments made; and

22WHEREAS, Pennsylvania IRCs have supported the creation and
23retention of 59,029 jobs in this Commonwealth over the last 10
24years; and

25WHEREAS, The IRCs are:

26(1) the Commonwealth's only program dedicated to
27manufacturing and making Pennsylvania a global leader in

29(2) the largest contributor to gross State product;

30(3) the employer of well over half a million people in

1Pennsylvania; and

2(4) providing a high, family sustaining annual average
3wage of $55,243;


5WHEREAS, A highly advanced, globally competitive base of
6manufacturers is critical to the future and economic growth of
7Pennsylvania; and

8WHEREAS, In fiscal year 2011-2012, 780 of the hundreds of
9manufacturers the seven IRCs work with were independently
10surveyed, generating reported impact including $718,542,750 in
11sales increased and retained, $90,358,032 in savings,
12$106,257,754 in investment and 4,955 jobs created and retained;
13therefore be it

14RESOLVED, That the Senate recognize March 13, 2013, as
15"Pennsylvania Industrial Resource Centers (IRCs) Day" in
16Pennsylvania, salute the exemplary contributions Pennsylvania
17IRCs have made to the citizens and businesses of this
18Commonwealth and extend best wishes for continued leadership and
19service in the years to come.