1Congratulating the Philomathean Society of the University of
2Pennsylvania, the nation's oldest continuous collegiate
3literary society, on its 200th anniversary on October 2,
42013, and extending best wishes to the society for a
5successful and productive future.

6WHEREAS, The Philomathean Society of the University of
7Pennsylvania was founded on October 2, 1813, and strives to
8uphold its mission of "increasing the learning of the members
9and the academic prestige of the University"; and

10WHEREAS, The society exhibited remarkable intellectual
11capacity and ambition when three undergraduate members published
12the first accurate translation of the Rosetta Stone in 1858; and

13WHEREAS, The society has achieved an unparalleled record of
14service to the University of Pennsylvania and the public by
15sponsoring numerous scholarly publications, lectures, panel
16discussions and afternoon teas with prominent professors, as
17well as poetry readings, film screenings, dramatic performances,
18art shows, debates, special classes and annual orations by
19renowned public intellectuals, all of which are free and open to

1the public; and

2WHEREAS, The society has trained generations of our nation's
3leaders, including three United States Senators, seven United
4States Representatives, two Cabinet officers, three ambassadors,
5two governors, six generals and enumerable local legislators,
6judges, lawyers, doctors, authors, editors, scientists,
7ministers and educators, through the exercises it provides
8members in writing, speaking and thinking; and

9WHEREAS, It is a testimony to the dedication and wisdom of
10the students of the University of Pennsylvania that they have
11supported the society over two centuries when only a handful of
12the great literary societies that were once represented at
13nearly every American campus have survived; therefore be it

14RESOLVED, That the Senate congratulate the Philomathean
15Society of the University of Pennsylvania, the nation's oldest
16continuous collegiate literary society, on its 200th anniversary
17on October 2, 2013, and extend best wishes to the society for a
18successful and productive future.