1Directing the Center for Rural Pennsylvania to study the
2potential for increased residential, commercial and
3industrial natural gas distribution infrastructure by
4Pennsylvania's public utilities to unserved and underserved
5areas of this Commonwealth.

6WHEREAS, Over the past several years, Pennsylvania consumers
7have benefited from substantially lower and more stable natural
8gas prices due to the development of technologies that allow
9energy producers to access significant supplies of domestic
10natural gas from shale formations and other unconventional
11reservoirs; and

12WHEREAS, In 2010, as a result of this technology,
13Pennsylvania's natural gas production more than quadrupled and
14became the 5th largest in the United States behind Texas,
15Wyoming, West Virginia and Louisiana; and

16WHEREAS, Despite the recent production levels of natural gas
17in Pennsylvania, this Commonwealth continues to lack the natural
18gas distribution infrastructure needed to supply this valuable
19resource to a majority of Pennsylvanians in rural and urban

1communities; and

2WHEREAS, The United States Census Bureau estimates that only
351% of Pennsylvania homes are heated with natural gas, and that
4in 49% of Pennsylvania's municipalities, less than 25% of the
5homes are heated by natural gas; and

6WHEREAS, The lack of natural gas service is a hardship for
7citizens in this Commonwealth who are required to purchase more
8expensive heating sources as a result of a lack of natural gas
9distribution infrastructure; and

10WHEREAS, The extension and expansion of natural gas
11distribution infrastructure is critically important to providing
12consumers with the best energy value now and into the future;

14WHEREAS, The lack of natural gas service is also contributing
15to a lack of economic development in this Commonwealth; and

16WHEREAS, If extended and expanded, the natural gas
17distribution infrastructure can significantly improve the
18economic climate in this Commonwealth; and

19WHEREAS, Encouraging the extension and expansion of natural
20gas will further benefit consumers, provide new jobs and lead to
21lower net emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and sulfur
22dioxide; and

23WHEREAS, The General Assembly has long supported sustainable
24resource development and balanced efforts to ensure the delivery
25of energy resources in an environmentally responsible manner
26that benefits Pennsylvanians; and

27WHEREAS, The extension and expansion of natural gas
28distribution infrastructure will improve consumer satisfaction,
29provide for increased economic development opportunities and
30create jobs in this Commonwealth; therefore be it

1RESOLVED, That the Center for Rural Pennsylvania is directed
2to study the extension and expansion of natural gas distribution
3infrastructure by Pennsylvania's public utilities to unserved
4and underserved areas of this Commonwealth by collecting and
5analyzing information on the following:

6(1) the estimated demand for natural gas service in
7unserved and underserved areas of this Commonwealth;

8(2) the estimated price consumers are willing to pay for
9access or conversion to natural gas service;

10(3) the identification of any regional differences in
11consumer demand and willingness to pay for natural gas
12service; and

13(4) any other relevant economic information on the costs
14and benefits to extend and expand natural gas distribution

16and be it further

17RESOLVED, That the Center for Rural Pennsylvania shall report
18its findings, plans and recommendations to the General Assembly
19not later than August 1, 2013.