1Designating the week of January 27 through February 1, 2013, as
2"Catholic Schools Week" in Pennsylvania.

3WHEREAS, Catholic schools in this Commonwealth are
4celebrating "Catholic Schools Week" during the week beginning
5January 27, 2013; and

6WHEREAS, The theme for this year is "Catholic Schools: Faith,
7Academics, Service"; and

8WHEREAS, Catholic elementary and secondary schools educate
9approximately 153,000 students annually and save State and local
10taxpayers more than $2 billion each year; and

11WHEREAS, Catholic schools instill in young people a strong
12foundation of values, self-esteem, self-confidence and
13leadership skills; and

14WHEREAS, Catholic schools, in providing young people with a
15strong foundation of the values and academic skills needed in

1becoming responsible citizens of this Commonwealth and this
2nation have a drop-out rate of less than 3% and a postgraduate
3higher education rate of 90%; therefore be it

4RESOLVED, That the Senate designate the week of January 27
5through February 1, 2013, as "Catholic Schools Week" in
6Pennsylvania and express congratulations and appreciation to
7Catholic elementary and secondary schools across this
8Commonwealth on the occasion of Catholic Schools Week in 2013.