1Prohibiting the use of taxpayer funds for certain contracts.

2The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
3hereby enacts as follows:

4Section 1. Short title.

5This act shall be known and may be cited as the Prohibited
6Contracts Act.

7Section 2. Definitions.

8The following words and phrases when used in this act shall
9have the meanings given to them in this section unless the
10context clearly indicates otherwise:

11"Commonwealth agency." An executive agency, a legislative
12agency, a judicial agency, an independent agency or a State-
13affiliated entity.

14"Executive agency."

15(1) Any of the following:

16(i) The Governor and the departments, boards,
17commissions, authorities and other officers and agencies

1of the executive branch.

2(ii) The State Treasurer and the Office of the State

4(iii) The Auditor General and the Office of the
5Auditor General.

6(iv) The Attorney General and the Office of Attorney

8(2) The term does not include a judicial agency,
9legislative agency, independent agency, State-affiliated
10entity, State-related institution, political subdivision or
11local, regional or metropolitan transportation authority.

12"Governmental body." A department, authority, commission,
13committee, council, board, bureau, division, service, office,
14officer, administration, legislative body or other establishment
15in the executive, legislative or judicial branch of the

17"Independent agency." Boards, commissions and other agencies
18and officers of the Commonwealth which are not subject to the
19policy supervision and control of the Governor. The term does
20not include an executive agency, judicial agency, legislative
21agency, State-affiliated entity, State-related institution,
22political subdivision or local, regional or metropolitan
23transportation authority.

24"Judicial agency." A court of the Commonwealth or any other
25entity, office or officer of the unified judicial system. The
26term does not include an executive agency, an independent
27agency, legislative agency, State-affiliated entity, State-
28related institution, political subdivision or local, regional or
29metropolitan transportation authority.

30"Legislative agency."

1(1) Any of the following:

2(i) The Senate and a member thereof.

3(ii) The House of Representatives and a member

5(iii) Another agency or officer of the General

7(2) The term does not include an executive agency, an
8independent agency, a judicial agency, State-affiliated
9entity, State-related institution, political subdivision or
10local, regional or metropolitan transportation authority.

11"Lobbying." As defined in 65 Pa.C.S. § 13A03 (relating to

13"Lobbying firm." As defined in 65 Pa.C.S. § 13A03 (relating
14to definitions).

15"Lobbyist." As defined in 65 Pa.C.S. § 13A03 (relating to
16definitions). The term shall not include an individual exempt 
17from the registration and reporting requirements of 65 Pa.C.S. 
18Ch. 13A under 65 Pa.C.S. § 13A06(1), (7), (8) or (10) (relating 
19to exemption from registration and reporting).

20"Public funds." Money collected, received or held by, for or
21on account of a governmental body.

22"State-affiliated entity." A Commonwealth authority or
23Commonwealth entity. The term includes the Pennsylvania Turnpike
24Commission, the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, the
25Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement System, the Pennsylvania
26Infrastructure Investment Authority, the State Public School
27Building Authority, the Pennsylvania Higher Educational
28Facilities Authority and the State System of Higher Education
29and any member or officer of the foregoing. The term does not
30include an executive agency, an independent agency, legislative

1agency, judicial agency, State-related institution, political
2subdivision or local, regional or metropolitan transportation

4"State-related institution." The Pennsylvania State
5University, the University of Pittsburgh, Lincoln University and
6Temple University.

7Section 3. Prohibited contracts.

8A Commonwealth agency shall not enter into a contract with,
9or otherwise expend public funds for the services of, a lobbyist
10or lobbying firm in order to lobby another Commonwealth agency.
11A contract entered into in violation of this section after the
12effective date of this section shall be void.

13Section 20. Effective date.

14This act shall take effect immediately.