1Amending Title 58 (Oil and Gas) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated
2Statutes, further providing for protection of water supplies.

3The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
4hereby enacts as follows:

5Section 1. Section 3218(b.4) of Title 58 of the Pennsylvania 
6Consolidated Statutes, added February 14, 2012 (P.L.87, No.13), 
7is amended and the section is amended by adding a subsection to 

9§ 3218. Protection of water supplies.

10* * *

11(b.4) Website.--The department shall publish[,] on its
12Internet website[,]:

13(1) lists of confirmed cases of subterranean water
14supply contamination that result from hydraulic
15fracturing[.]; and

16(2) the results of the water analysis obtained and 
17completed by the department under subsection (b.6), which

1must be maintained on the department's Internet website and 
2categorized by municipality. The results may not contain the 
3name or address of the well owner or the exact location of 
4the well.

5* * *

6(b.6) Private water supply testing.--

7(1) An owner of a private water supply who suspects that
8the water supply has been polluted or diminished by the
9drilling, alteration or operation of an oil or gas well may
10request the department sample and test the private water

12(2) If the department samples the private water supply,
13the department shall provide the owner of the private water
14supply with a copy of the department's report on the
15laboratory results for the samples collected from the private
16water supply and for the parameters that were accurately
17tested and verified according to recognized and approved
18testing methodologies.

19(3) The department shall provide the copy of the
20department's report on the results under paragraph (2) to the
21owner of the private water supply within five working days
22after the preparation of the report.

23* * *

24Section 2. This act shall take effect in 60 days.