1Amending Title 18 (Crimes and Offenses) of the Pennsylvania
2Consolidated Statutes, in firearms and other dangerous
3articles, further providing for persons not to possess, use,
4manufacture, control, sell or transfer firearms.

5The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
6hereby enacts as follows:

7Section 1. Section 6105(c) of Title 18 of the Pennsylvania
8Consolidated Statutes is amended by adding a paragraph to read:

9§ 6105. Persons not to possess, use, manufacture, control, sell
10or transfer firearms.

11* * *

12(c) Other persons.--In addition to any person who has been
13convicted of any offense listed under subsection (b), the
14following persons shall be subject to the prohibition of
15subsection (a):

16* * *

17(10) A person who is charged with a felony under one of
18the following offenses:

19Section 2502 (relating to murder).

1Section 2503 (relating to voluntary manslaughter).

2Section 2702 (relating to aggravated assault).

3Section 2703 (relating to assault by prisoner).

4Section 2901 (relating to kidnapping).

5Section 3121 (relating to rape).

6Section 3123 (relating to involuntary deviate sexual

8Section 3301 (relating to arson and related

10Section 3502 (relating to burglary).

11Section 3701 (relating to robbery).

12Section 3702 (relating to robbery of motor vehicle).

13Section 3923 (relating to theft by extortion) when
14the offense is accompanied by threats of violence.

15Section 4952 (relating to intimidation of witnesses
16or victims).

17Section 4953 (relating to retaliation against
18witness, victim or party).

19Any offense equivalent to any of the offenses listed in this
20paragraph under the prior laws of this Commonwealth or any
21offense equivalent to any of the offenses enumerated in this
22paragraph under the statutes of any other state or of the
23United States.

24Section 2. This act shall take effect in 60 days.