1Amending the act of December 15, 1986 (P.L.1610, No.181),
2entitled "An act providing for the establishment and
3operation of a Statewide system for the prevention and
4control of rabies; imposing additional powers and duties on
5the Departments of Agriculture and Health; providing for
6emergency declarations; fixing penalties for violations; and
7making an appropriation," further providing for vaccination

9The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
10hereby enacts as follows:

11Section 1.  Section 8(a) and (d) of the act of December 15,
121986 (P.L.1610, No.181), known as the Rabies Prevention and
13Control in Domestic Animals and Wildlife Act, amended July 1,
141987 (P.L.184, No.23), are amended and the section is amended by
15adding a subsection to read:

16Section 8.  Vaccination required; certificate [and], tag and 

18(a)  Requirement.--[Every] Except as provided for in 
19subsection (f), every person living in this Commonwealth, owning
20or keeping a dog or cat over three months of age, shall cause
21that dog or cat to be vaccinated against rabies. Rabies vaccine

1shall be administered by a licensed veterinarian or under the
2supervision of a licensed veterinarian. The Commonwealth shall
3recognize the three-year rabies vaccine as the vaccine to be
4used. Those animals vaccinated after one year of age shall get
5booster vaccinations every three years thereafter. Those animals
6vaccinated prior to one year of age will be considered protected
7for only one year and shall receive a booster vaccination one
8year later on the anniversary date of the original vaccination
9and shall be vaccinated every three years thereafter.

10* * *

11(d)  Enforcement.--[It shall be the duty of every] Every
12police officer or State dog warden or the designated municipal
13animal control officer [to] shall issue a citation to every
14person who owns a dog or cat which is not vaccinated pursuant to
15subsection (a) [or], (b) or (f).

16* * *

17(f)  Exemption.--

18(1)  An exemption from vaccination against rabies for a
19dog or cat pursuant to subsection (a) may be granted if a
20licensed veterinarian has examined the animal and determines
21that it would be medically contraindicated to vaccinate the
22animal due to an infirmity, other physical condition or
23regimen of therapy.

24(2)  The department shall develop an exemption form which
25must be completed and signed by the veterinarian and animal

27(3)  A rabies vaccination exemption shall be valid for a
28period of up to one year after which the animal shall be re-
29examined. At that time the animal shall either be vaccinated
30against rabies or, if exemption status still applies, a new

1certificate of exemption shall be issued.

2(4)  The veterinarian shall maintain the signed exemption
3as part of the animal's medical records and provide a copy to
4the owner.

5Section 2.  This act shall take effect in 60 days.