1Amending Title 25 (Elections) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated
2Statutes, in voter registration, further providing for
3methods of voter registration, providing for electronic voter
4registration application and further providing for
5preparation and distribution of applications; in changes in
6records, further providing for change of enrollment of
7political party; and conferring powers and imposing duties on
8the Department of State.

9The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
10hereby enacts as follows:

11Section 1.  Section 1321 of Title 25 of the Pennsylvania
12Consolidated Statutes is amended by adding a paragraph to read:

13§ 1321.  Methods of voter registration.

14An individual qualified to register to vote under section
151301(a) (relating to qualifications to register) may apply to
16register as follows:

17* * *

18(5)  Under section 1325.1 (relating to electronic voter
19registration application).

20Section 2.  Title 25 is amended by adding a section to read:

1§ 1325.1.  Electronic voter registration application.

2(a)  General rule.--An application to register to vote or to
3change party enrollment or name or address on a current
4registration may be submitted by electronic voter registration
5application in the manner provided under this section.

6(b)  Establishment.--An electronic voter application shall be
7established and implemented by the department within 90 days of
8the effective date of this section. The electronic voter
9registration application shall comply with the requirements 
10under section 1327 (relating to preparation and distribution of
11applications). The secretary shall promulgate regulations
12necessary to establish, implement and administer the electronic
13voter registration application.

14(c)  Time.--Registration under this section may be made at
15any time. If an electronic voter registration application is
16submitted later than 30 days before the election, the
17application shall be retained until the beginning of the next
18period during which registration can be made.

19Section 3.  Sections 1327(a)(3) and (4) and (b)(3) and 1503
20of Title 25 are amended to read:

21§ 1327.  Preparation and distribution of applications.

22(a)  Form.--

23* * *

24(3)  Any person who assists in the completion of the
25registration application shall sign or, in the case of 
26registration under section 1325.1 (relating to electronic 
27voter registration application), electronically sign the
28application and indicate the person's address. In the case of
29those registering under sections 1323 (relating to
30application with driver's license application) and 1325

1(relating to government agencies), the person providing
2assistance shall insert the person's initials or employee or
3agent identification number on a separate or detachable
4portion of the application or computer data file.

5(4)  A voter registration application, except a 
6registration application under section 1325.1, shall be
7printed on stock of good quality and shall be of suitable
8uniform size. [Nothing in this part shall prohibit the design
9and use of an electronic voter registration application which
10includes the applicant's digitized or electronic signature.]
11The registration application, including a registration 
12application under section 1325.1, shall contain the following
13information; however, the information may be provided on a
14separate form for voter registration made under section 1323
15or 1325:

16(i)  Notice that a registered elector does not need
17to reregister unless the registered elector has moved.

18(ii)  Instructions on how to fill out and submit the
19application and notification of when the application must
20be submitted to a voter registration office or, for 
21registration under section 1325.1, electronically in
22order to be registered for the ensuing election.

23(iii)  Notice that the applicant must be a citizen of
24the United States for at least one month prior to the
25next election and a resident of this Commonwealth and the
26election district for at least 30 days and must be at
27least 18 years of age by the day of the next ensuing
28election and has not been confined in a penal institution
29for a conviction of a felony within the last five years.
30The notice required in this subparagraph shall be in

1print identical to the declaration under subsection (b).

2(iv)  Notice that political party enrollment is
3mandatory to vote in a primary election of a political

5(v)  Notice that the commission will mail by
6nonforwardable mail to the applicant a voter's
7identification card upon acceptance of the application
8and that the applicant should contact the commission if
9the identification card is not received within 14 days
10from the date the application is sent to the registration

12(vi)  Notice that registration is not complete until
13the application is processed and accepted by the

15(vii)  A warning to the applicant that making a false
16registration or furnishing false information is perjury.
17The notice required in this subparagraph shall be in
18print identical to the declaration under subsection (b).

19(viii)  Instructions to Federal or State employees
20who wish to retain voting residence in county of last
21residence to so indicate on the application.

22(ix)  Notice that, if an individual declines to
23register to vote, the fact that the individual has
24declined to register will remain confidential and will be
25used only for voter registration purposes. The notice
26required in this subparagraph shall be in print identical
27to the declaration under subsection (b).

28(x)  Notice that, if an individual does register to
29vote, the office at which the individual submits a voter
30registration application will remain confidential and

1will be used for voter registration purposes only. The
2notices required in this subparagraph shall be in print
3identical to the declaration in subsection (b).

4* * *

5(b)  Registration declaration.--

6* * *

7(3)  The registration declaration shall contain the
8printed name [and signature of the applicant and the date of
9signing], date of signing and, except for applicants 
10submitting a registration under section 1325.1, the signature 
11of the applicant. An applicant unable to sign the voter
12registration application shall make a mark before a person of
13the applicant's choice other than the applicant's employer or
14an agent of the applicant's union. The person shall insert
15the person's name, address and telephone number. If the
16person is an employee or agent of the Department of
17Transportation or another agency as provided under section
181325 and is assisting the applicant in an official capacity,
19the employee or agent shall insert the initials and
20identification number of the employee or agent. In the case
21of applicants registering under section 1323 or 1325, the
22person providing assistance shall insert initials or employee
23or agent identification number on a separate or detachable
24portion of the application or computer data file. In the case 
25of an applicant registering under section 1325.1, the 
26applicant shall be required to verify the applicant's 
27identity by providing the last four digits of the applicant's 
28Social Security number, the applicant's driver's license 
29number or the applicant's identification number issued by the 
30Department of Transportation under 75 Pa.C.S. § 1510(b) 

1(relating to issuance and content of driver's license). In 
2the case of an applicant submitting an electronic voter 
3registration application to change party enrollment or name 
4or address on a current registration, the applicant may also 
5verify identity by providing the applicant's voter 
6identification number issued by the Department of 
7Transportation under section 206(b) of the act of June 3, 
81937 (P.L.1333, No.320), known as the Pennsylvania Election 

10* * *

11§ 1503.  Change of enrollment of political party.

12By the deadline for registration, a registered elector who 
13desires to change the enrollment of political designation or 
14who, although registered, has not previously enrolled as a 
15member of a party may appear before a commissioner, registrar or 
16clerk or may submit an application by mail under section 1324 
17(relating to application by mail) [and state in a signed] or 
18electronically under section 1325.1 (relating to electronic 
19voter registration application). The elector may state in a 
20signed or, in the case of an application submitted under section 
211325.1, verified writing the political party in which the 
22registered elector desires to be enrolled. If the signature or 
23verification information of the elector is verified by 
24comparison with the registered elector's signature or 
25verification information as it appears on file with the 
26commission, the commissioner, registrar or clerk shall make the 
27change in its registration records. [If] In cases other than 
28submission of an application under section 1325.1, if supported 
29by other evidence of identity, a mark may be made in lieu of a 
30signature by a registered elector who is unable to write. The 

1mark must be made in the presence of a witness who must sign the 
2registration application. For applications submitted under 
3section 1325.1, an elector may verify identity by providing the 
4last four digits of the elector's Social Security number, the 
5elector's driver's license number, the elector's identification 
6number issued by the Department of Transportation under 75 
7Pa.C.S. § 1510(b) (relating to issuance and content of driver's 
8license) or the applicant's voter identification number issued 
9by the Department of Transportation under section 206(b) of the 
10act of June 3, 1937 (P.L.1333, No.320), known as the 
11Pennsylvania Election Code.

12Section 4.  This act shall take effect in 60 days.