1Designating October 6, 2014, as "Demi Brae Cuccia Day" in

3WHEREAS, Families are the foundation of a safe and healthy
4community; and

5WHEREAS, Domestic violence crosses all racial, social,
6religious, ethnic, geographic and economic boundaries in our
7nation and this Commonwealth, where one in three citizens has
8witnessed a domestic violence incident; and

9WHEREAS, Teen dating violence patterns are similar to adult
10domestic violence, with widespread effects on individuals,
11families, schools, businesses and health care systems; and

12WHEREAS, At least 40% of young people between 11 and 12 years
13of age report that their friends have been victims of verbal
14abuse in relationships; and

15WHEREAS, Among teenagers in dating relationships, 30% have
16received up to 30 text messages an hour by a partner who tries

1to find out where they are, what they are doing or with whom
2they are; and

3WHEREAS, Teen dating violence includes physical, emotional
4and sexual assault and harassment via texting, e-mail or instant
5messaging; and

6WHEREAS, It is the goal of the House of Representatives that
7our communities be safe and our youths be protected; and

8WHEREAS, The Demi Brae Cuccia Awareness Organization focuses
9on the prevalence and the dangers of teen dating violence; and

10WHEREAS, Demi Brae Cuccia was fatally stabbed in her
11Monroeville home by an ex-boyfriend on August 15, 2007; and

12WHEREAS, Born August 14, 1991, Demi Brae Cuccia was the
13daughter of Gary Cuccia and Jodi Miceli, who are honoring her
14memory through the Demi Brae Cuccia Awareness Organization;
15therefore be it

16RESOLVED, That, in recognition of the impact of teen dating
17violence on the health and well-being of our communities, the
18House of Representatives designate October 6, 2014, as "Demi
19Brae Cuccia Day" in Pennsylvania.