1Urging the Congress of the United States to oppose S.1900,
2identified as the Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities
3Act of 2014, and all other Fast Track trade authority
4legislation that expands presidential authority beyond what
5is granted by the Constitution of the United States.

6WHEREAS, History has shown that the United States has always
7thrived when our nation's interests are put first; and

8WHEREAS, Expanding global commerce is an important part of
9America's economic strategy and trade agreements must allow
10American producers access to expanding and emerging markets
11worldwide; and

12WHEREAS, The United States must maintain its independence and
13freedom as the nation becomes more globally minded; and

14WHEREAS, In order to expand global commerce with other
15nations, the United States does not need to give away its
16sovereignty; and

17WHEREAS, When the United States enters into any trade
18agreement, the agreement must ensure not only the free flow of
19trade, but also preserve the sovereignty of this great nation;


2WHEREAS, According to Section 8 of Article 1 of the
3Constitution of the United States, the Congress alone sets the
4trade policy and the President acts as a negotiator of the
5policy that Congress establishes; and

6WHEREAS, Congress relinquishes its constitutional duties by
7outsourcing its power to the President concerning trade
8agreements under Fast Track trade authority; and

9WHEREAS, Fast Track trade authority cedes the power of the
10535 members of Congress to the President and gives the executive
11branch the power to negotiate trade agreements; and

12WHEREAS, When Fast Track trade authority is awarded, Congress
13delegates its constitutional authority to determine the rules
14for international trade agreements and the rules are put in
15place by the President alone; and

16WHEREAS, Fast Track trade authority prevents Congress from
17voting on trade agreements until after the President signs the
18agreement and Congress is given presigned trade agreements that
19it cannot amend; and

20WHEREAS, Congress is currently considering S.1900, a bill to
21be known as, if enacted, the Bipartisan Congressional Trade
22Priorities Act of 2014; and

23WHEREAS, S.1900 is Fast Track trade authority legislation
24that grants the President the authority to negotiate a trade
25agreement that can create binding policies on future patent and
26copyright laws, land use, food and agriculture and product
27standards, natural resources, the environment, labor laws,
28government procurement policies and financial, health care,
29energy, telecommunications and other service sector regulations;

1WHEREAS, Such trade agreement could preempt state laws and
2infringe upon the rights of private citizens; therefore be it

3RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the
4Commonwealth of Pennsylvania urge the Congress of the United
5States to oppose S.1900, identified as the Bipartisan
6Congressional Trade Priorities Act of 2014, and all other Fast
7Track trade authority legislation that expands presidential
8authority beyond what is granted by the Constitution of the
9United States; and be it further

10RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives urge Congress to
11enter into trade agreements that both maintain the sovereignty
12of the United States and respect states' rights; and be it

14RESOLVED, That copies of this resolution be transmitted to
15the presiding officers of each house of Congress and to each
16member of Congress from Pennsylvania.