1Directing the Joint State Government Commission to study the
2issue of childhood obesity, to establish an advisory
3committee to conduct a comprehensive study of childhood
4obesity, to propose strategies for healthier eating and
5physical activity for children and to report to the House of
6Representatives with its findings, recommendations and

8WHEREAS, Research studies have found that childhood obesity
9has reached epidemic proportions in the United States; and

10WHEREAS, More than 23 million children, approximately one in
11every three, are either obese or overweight; and

12WHEREAS, The Pennsylvania Department of Health reports that
1332.6% of children in kindergarten through grade six and 34.1% of
14children in grades seven through twelve are overweight or obese;

16WHEREAS, Obese children are more likely to have a variety of
17dangerous health conditions, including high blood pressure and
18cholesterol, breathing problems such as sleep apnea and asthma
19and joint and musculoskeletal discomfort; and

1WHEREAS, Obese children are more likely to be obese as adults
2with the potential for other serious health conditions, such as
3heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer; and

4WHEREAS, Childhood obesity has been demonstrated to span
5gender, socioeconomic status, race and age; and

6WHEREAS, Two of the most common modifiable risk factors for
7childhood obesity are unhealthy diet and physical inactivity;
8therefore be it

9RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives direct the Joint
10State Government Commission to establish an advisory committee
11of 25 members consisting of representatives from the Department
12of Agriculture, Department of Education, Department of Health,
13child and school health and nutrition professionals, a
14pediatrician, <-a licensed dietitian-nutritionist, a health and
15physical education teacher, a school nurse and representatives
16from not-for-profit organizations and associations whose
17missions include the promotion of healthy living initiatives;
18and be it further

19RESOLVED, That the Joint State Government Commission, working
20with the advisory committee, conduct a thorough and
21comprehensive study of childhood obesity in this Commonwealth,
22including any existing obesity prevention and wellness
23strategies; and be it further

24RESOLVED, That the Joint State Government Commission, working
25with the advisory committee, study and report on regulatory and
26statutory initiatives and best practices in other states as well
27as any studies or initiatives promoted by the Centers for
28Disease Control and Prevention or other national research
29organizations; and be it further

30RESOLVED, That the Joint State Government Commission may, as

1it deems necessary, hold informational meetings to receive
2testimony from professionals or organizations with expertise in
3childhood obesity or healthy living strategies; and be it

5RESOLVED, That the final report include findings of fact,
6recommendations for additional strategies and policies with the
7goal of preventing childhood obesity and legislation supporting
8any one or more of the proposed recommendations; and be it

10RESOLVED, That the Joint State Government Commission issue a
11report to the House of Representatives with its findings and
12recommendations not later than 12 months from the date of
13adoption of this resolution.