1Recognizing May 2, 2013, as the "National Day of Prayer" in

3WHEREAS, The "National Day of Prayer" is a day set aside to
4pray for this nation; and

5WHEREAS, The designated day, the first Thursday of May,
6belongs to all citizens; and

7WHEREAS, This annual event was not created for political
8reasons or to promote any other agenda except prayer; and

9WHEREAS, The "National Day of Prayer" is designed for prayer
10for leaders, for communities, for families, for children and for
11one another; and

12WHEREAS, The "National Day of Prayer" is a day to ask for
13healing, to heal this nation and to bring people together in
14true unity; and

1WHEREAS, Prayer is regarded by millions as the most important
2utterance for the benefit of humankind; and

3WHEREAS, This nation was founded by single-minded men and
4women who sought wisdom through prayer; and

5WHEREAS, Prayer has aided many people throughout the history
6of this nation and this Commonwealth when support and guidance
7were needed; therefore be it

8RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives recognize May 2,
92013, as "National Day of Prayer" in Pennsylvania.