1Amending the act of June 22, 1937 (P.L.1987, No.394), entitled,
2as amended, "An act To preserve and improve the purity of the
3waters of the Commonwealth for the protection of public
4health, animal and aquatic life, and for industrial
5consumption, and recreation; empowering and directing the
6creation of indebtedness or the issuing of non-debt revenue
7bonds by political subdivisions to provide works to abate
8pollution; providing protection of water supply and water
9quality; providing for the jurisdiction of courts in the
10enforcement thereof; providing additional remedies for
11abating pollution of waters; imposing certain penalties;
12repealing certain acts; regulating discharges of sewage and
13industrial wastes; regulating the operation of mines and
14regulating the impact of mining upon water quality, supply
15and quantity; placing responsibilities upon landowners and
16land occupiers and to maintain primary jurisdiction over
17surface coal mining in Pennsylvania," further providing for
18potential pollution.

19The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
20hereby enacts as follows:

21Section 1. Section 402 of the act of June 22, 1937
22(P.L.1987, No.394), known as The Clean Streams Law, is amended
23by adding a subsection to read:

24Section 402. Potential Pollution.--* * *

25(c) The use or installation of riparian buffers and riparian

1forest buffers shall not be required under this section.
2Riparian buffers and riparian forest buffers may be used as a
3choice among best management practices, design standards and
4alternatives to minimize the potential for accelerated erosion
5and sedimentation and to protect, maintain, reclaim and restore
6water quality and for existing and designated uses.

7Section 2. This act shall take effect in 60 days.