1Amending the act of December 15, 1971 (P.L.596, No.160),
2entitled "An act providing for the control and regulation of
3outdoor advertising adjacent to the interstate and primary
4highway systems within this Commonwealth; providing for
5administration by the Department of Transportation to comply
6with Federal requirements as a condition to the receipt of
7highway funds; fixing penalties and making appropriations,"
8further providing for permits.

9The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
10hereby enacts as follows:

11Section 1. Section 7 of the act of December 15, 1971
12(P.L.596, No.160), known as the Outdoor Advertising Control Act
13of 1971, amended December 19, 1975 (P.L.565, No.161), is amended
14to read:

15Section 7. Permits.--An annual permit shall be required for
16each outdoor advertising device regulated by this act and
17located outside the limits of those incorporated municipalities
18that have legally established and operating procedures for
19issuing permits for such outdoor advertising devices which have
20been certified by the secretary as conforming to the provisions
21of subsection (d) of section 5 of this act. The fee for each

1such permit shall be [ten dollars ($10)] one hundred forty 
2dollars ($140) if the sign area does not exceed three hundred
3square feet; [twenty dollars ($20)] one hundred fifty dollars 
4($150) if the sign area exceeds three hundred square feet but
5does not exceed six hundred square feet; and [thirty dollars
6($30)] one hundred sixty dollars ($160) if the sign area exceeds
7six hundred square feet: Provided, however, That no fee shall be
8payable by service clubs or religious organizations. A tag
9indicating that a permit has been duly issued shall be provided
10by the department and affixed to the device or structure by the
11sign owner except in the case of a free permit where the device
12or structure is not owned by the service club or religious
13organization, the permit shall be affixed thereto by the service
14club or religious organization.

15Section 2. This act shall take effect in 60 days.